Graphic Design & Interactive Media Graduate

Casandra Johns

  • Print Design & Production
  • Illustration
  • Web Design

Casandra Johns

I am a graphic and web designer with a focus on illustration and book design. I've been working with independent publishers such as Gods & Radicals Press, Autonomous Press, Chemeketa Press, and my own press called House of Hands, as well as self-publishing authors for about five years. Part of my work involves helping authors and small publishing companies produce beautiful books; from copy editing to layout and design to illustration and navigating the printing and publishing process, I enjoy participating in every aspect of the journey that is creating books from scratch.

I love to keep busy and try new things, and I love to work with small businesses and collectives. My work experience includes everything from publication to logo and branding development to interface design and package illustration. While my favorite work involves typography and illustration, I look forward to opportunities to learn new things and explore brand new outlets. I’m particularly excited to do more illustration work and front-end web design.

You can find me in Salem, Oregon gardening with my daughter, binding books, making pots, and reading.

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